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While we make every effort to ensure that all information displayed on our website is correct, occasionally the image of an item, its description or even available quantities may appear different online than the actual item. To continue our commitment of providing you with the best possible service, we will inform you of any known discrepancies when you place your order or as quickly as possible thereafter. We reserve the right to cancel or modify promotions at any time due to system or typographical error, fraud or other unforeseen problems. We reserve the right to change prices on the site at any time.

When processing multiple orders from the same household and being delivered to the same address, we may combine orders into one package to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Disney Store merchandise purchased from other retailers is subject to the policies of those merchants. Please refer to their websites for further information.

Quantity Limitations

We want all Disney Guests to have a chance to share in the wonder and magic of Disney stories and product; therefore, Disney Store and will occasionally place limits on the quantity of an item an individual Guest and/or household may purchase. To identify an individual Guest and/or household, we will consider a number of factors, including but not limited to whether the orders are:

a) purchased using the same credit card
b) purchased using the same email address
c) shipped to the same address
d) placed with the same billing address
e) purchased using the same phone number
f) placed from the same IP and/or mobile device
g) purchased from the same account

Credit Card / Debit Card Authorizations

Once you place an order at, your credit or debit card will be authorized for the approximate amount of your purchase. Your card will not actually be charged until the order is shipped. Although an authorization may prevent additional purchases on your card, authorizations are not billed to your account, and does not collect any funds from an authorization. In cases where the authorization remains on your card, please contact your financial institution. The removal process and timelines may vary, and are determined by your bank.

If your order is sent in multiple cartons, your actual charges may also be segmented to match each shipment, even with a single authorization.

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